3 Methods on How to Close Chest Gap

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A chest gap is the space between your sternum (breastbone) and clavicle (collarbone). It can happen naturally due to genetic reasons or weight changes. But if it is too wide, that can lead to other health concerns. There are three main ways to close a chest gap: exercises, surgery and fillers. Each has advantages and disadvantages so read this blog to learn more!

What is a chest gap?

A chest gap is when someone’s chest looks like it has a dip or a crack in it. It’s caused when the big muscle in your chest (the pec major) isn’t as strong compared to the small muscle (the pec minor).

The pec major attaches from your sternum to your arm bone, and the pec minor attaches from your ribs to part of your shoulder blade. When this happens, you might also have slumped shoulders. Because the weak muscles in front can’t keep your shoulder blades back.

The space between your breastbone and collarbone is called a chest gap. It can be caused by things like family traits you have or if you gain or lose lots of weight. Even though most people will have it to some degree, some people’s chest gaps are bigger than normal.

This can lead to other health issues and doesn’t look very good. To close the gap, you can do special exercises, get surgery done or get fillers put in that area.

Causes of chest gaps

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Chest gaps can happen for many reasons. They might be due to genetics, or when a person’s weight changes. Bad posture, a condition when the breastbone looks sunken in (pectus excavatum), and a curved spine (scoliosis) can also make chest gaps.

It can also be that your muscles are imbalanced. This can happen when the pec major is weaker than the pec minor. The pec major is responsible for moving the arm forward and outward. When it is weaker than the pec minor, it can cause the shoulders to round forward, which further exacerbates the chest gap.

Exercises to close a chest gap

There are several exercises that can help close a chest gap, including push-ups, dips, and planks. These exercises will help build up the muscles in the chest. Which will in turn make the chest appear fuller and reduce the appearance of a chest gap.


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To do a perfect push up to help close a chest gap. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and balancing your body on the toes and palms of your hands. Lower your chest towards the floor until it is just above it, so that you are in a plank position.

Now begin to straighten out your arms while keeping them close to the sides of your body. Do this until you reach full extension. This will form an upside down V shape with your upper body and legs.

As you rise up keep engaging in our core muscles as if doing crunches at the same time for better support results.

Make sure not go too fast or slow when doing push ups. It is important to keep rhythm while completing each repetition!


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Dips are an exercise you can do to strengthen your chest muscles. You should start by standing between two chairs that have a comfortable gap in between them. Place both hands firmly on the chairs and take a deep breath – make sure your back is straight and you’re looking forward.

Then while keeping your knees slightly bent, lower yourself until your arms form 90 degree angles at the elbows. Hold it for 2 counts before exhaling, then push up with your arms until you get back to the starting position – straight arms!

You can repeat 8-12 times or as many as feels comfortable for you. Just make sure to focus on using only chest muscles when pushing up again.

This exercise will help close any gap in between your chest muscles and give them some nice definition! However make sure you do them right otherwise you are just hurting your chest while doing dips.


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A plank is a great exercise to help close gaps in your chest muscles. To do a proper plank, start on the floor with your arms either extended out away from your body with fingers pointing forward, or close together like a pushup position.

Place toes on the floor and keep legs straight. Lift up onto your toes and hands so that all of your weight is distributed evenly between them and tighten stomach muscles.

Hold for 30 seconds without arching or sagging the back and repeat 2-3 times for best results!

Surgery to close a chest gap

Surgery is one of the most common methods for closing a chest gap. The two most common types of surgery are pectoral implants and fat grafting.

Pectoral implants

Pectoral implants are fake pieces of material that a doctor puts under the skin on your chest to make it look like you have bigger, stronger muscles.

This surgery is usually safe and successful but there is always a chance for germs or bacteria to cause an infection or even for your body not to accept the implant.

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is another type of medical operation that can be used to help fill in a gap between the chest muscles.

During this surgery, doctors take fat cells from an area on your body, like thighs or arms and transfer it into the chest. The transferred fat cells helps to make your torso appear fuller and more toned. While at the same time filling in any areas that may be gapped between your chest muscles.

This is considered a safe method of improving one’s looks with only minor risks such as infections, scars or unevenness afterwards.

Fillers to close a chest gap

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Fillers are another choice for fixing a space between a person’s chest. These fillers come in different forms, like fat injections, collagen injections, or dermal fillers that can help close up the gap.

Fat injections

Fat injections involve taking fat from one area of the person’s body, like their stomach or thighs, and putting it into their chest. This is done to make the chest look larger with more muscle definition.

The procedure is usually safe but there are some risks that could happen such as getting an infection in your skin, forming a scar on the injection sites or having uneven results between each side of your chest.

Collagen injections

Collagen injections are a type of procedure where doctors insert collagen. Which is a protein that helps skin look more youthful and full- into someone’s chest area.

People consider this kind of injection to be safe and make the person appear younger, but there is always the chance for allergies or infection if you do it.

Dermal fillers

If you want your chest to look fuller, younger and less “gappy”, then dermal fillers are a good way of doing that. Dermal fillers involve injecting special material into the skin. So it looks plumper in specific areas.

This is generally considered safe and reliable but there’s always a risk that something might go wrong. Like getting an infection or bruises where they weren’t meant to be!

Conclusion on 3 Methods on How to Close Chest Gap

If you want to make your chest appear less spaced between the two sides, there are some choices that could help. To close the gap, you can try exercises or sports activities specifically designed for this purpose.

You can also have a doctor operate on it and perform surgery. You can apply fillers as an alternative option to reach your goal look. Make sure to talk with an expert in order to decide which solution would work better for you.

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