Dicyclomine and Weight Gain: Is There a Potential Link?

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Are you wondering if having extra weight could be caused by taking the medicine Bentyl (Dicyclomine)? Here's what you should know.

What is dicyclomine and how does it work?

Dicyclomine is a medication that is used to reduce stomach pain or discomfort caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other conditions. It works by blocking certain natural chemicals in your body to reduce muscle spasms in the digestive tract.

It also helps decrease the amount of acid that is released when you eat, which can make digestion easier. In addition, it helps relieve symptoms like cramping, bloating, and diarrhea related to IBS.

Dicyclomine can be taken orally or as an injectable medication but typically should only be taken for short periods as long-term use may lead to side effects.

Common side effects of dicyclomine

As with any drug, there are potential side effects associated with dicyclomine. Some of the more common side effects include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Blurred vision
  • Urinary retention
  • Rash
  • Itching

How do you use dicyclomine properly?

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Dicyclomine is a medicine that you can take in two different ways. You can either take it by mouth (like you swallow a pill) or get it injected directly into your body.

The oral form should be taken three or four times each day, and always with food or milk to help lower the chances of upsetting your stomach.

If you choose the injectable form, then only a doctor that has lots of experience giving injections should give it to you–not someone who isn’t trained on how to do injections properly!

Does dicyclomine cause weight gain specifically?

No, dicyclomine does not generally cause an individual to gain weight. This medicine is unlikely to affect how many calories the body takes in or how quickly it burns calories, making it unlikely for this medicine to cause weight gain.

In rare cases, people taking dicyclomine may experience side effects like increased appetite or fluid retention which could lead to weight gain. If any of these side effects occur however, it would be temporary and should cease upon ceasing use of the medication.

How to counteract any potential weight gain caused by dicyclomine

To help keep your weight the same if you are taking a medicine called dicyclomine, there are some things to do.

First, take the medication exactly as it was prescribed by your doctor and don’t take more or less than told to.

Eat lots of healthy food like fruits and vegetables plus exercise often so that your body can work better and use up calories quickly.

If you notice that you’re gaining too much weight even with eating well and exercising, talk to the doctor about it since they may need to change how much of this medicine is being taken or switch medicines altogether for better results.

Alternatives to dicyclomine for those who experience adverse side effects

For people who experience unwanted side effects from dicyclomine, there are some other options to help ease their uncomfortable symptoms.

Other medications such as loperamide, bismuth subsalicylate and antispasmodic herbs can be taken in lieu of the dicyclomine.

Loperamide helps by slowing down the movements of the digestive system, reducing cramps and discomfort in the abdomen.

Bismuth subsalicylate will reduce gastrointestinal upset caused by infections or food poisoning. Some herbs like peppermint oil have also been used to relax intestinal muscles and promote better digestion.

Finally, reducing stress levels can often lead to improved digestive functioning so it’s important to remember that keeping a healthy lifestyle is equally as helpful!

Conclusion on does dicyclomine cause weight gain?

Dicyclomine is a medicine used to help with belly aches and problems in your intestines, like when you have pain while bloated or have a lot of diarrhea. This drug can also cause some side effects but usually not weight gain.

It’s possible that taking dicyclomine might make people put on extra pounds, but this isn’t always the case. If it worries you then you should talk to your doctor about it and they can tell if the risks are worth using the medicine or look for another way to treat these stomach troubles without making someone heavier.

There are ways too that could prevent any increase in bodyweight from dicyclomine – follow instructions correctly when taking it and make sure that what we’re eating has good nutrition value plus exercising every so often will be beneficial for our health as well as keeping us slim!

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