Can You Smoke While Taking Creatine? 5 Tips for Keeping the Effects

can you smoke while taking creatine
There is a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to smoking and taking creatine. Some people say that it isn't harmful to smoke while taking the supplement, while others claim that it can have negative effects on your health. So, what's the truth? Can you safely smoke cigarettes & or weed while taking creatine supplements?

How does the body absorb creatine?

Creatine is a special supplement that helps people become stronger, faster, and have more energy. Creatine turns into something called phosphocreatine when it’s inside the body.

Phosphocreatine helps your muscles get enough energy for activities like lifting weights or running really fast. That’s because the muscles need something called ATP to do those things, but our bodies can only hold a certain amount of it.

When you use creatine, it gives your muscles more ATP so you can be faster and work harder during exercise! It also makes it easier for your body to recover after working out because it lowers inflammation in your body and builds up stores of energy (called glycogen) in muscle cells.

So if you want to be at peak performance while exercising or competing, creatine is a great choice!

What effects does creatine have on the body?

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Improved Muscle Strength

Creatine helps to increase strength and energy levels in skeletal muscles, meaning that physical activity can be carried out for longer periods of time. This can help those who are looking to build muscle or increase their weight lifting capabilities.

Enhanced Recovery

Creatine helps to increase the recovery rate from workouts by helping to rebuild creatine phosphate which is used as a source of energy quickly after a workout session.

Faster Muscular Building

With increased strength and reduced recovery times with creatine supplementation, more intense training sessions can be undertaken while also helping with overall weight gain due to the combination of improved strength and increases in body mass with regular use of creatine supplements.

Better Endurance Performance

Studies have shown that endurance athletes using high doses of creatine monohydrate showed improved results when it comes to endurance performance compared to athletes not using any supplements at all!

Improved Memory and Cognitive Function

While the debate is still ongoing on this matter, there have been several studies that suggest that adding creatine supplementation into one’s routine may slightly improve memory and focus.

This is due to an increased level in phosphocreatine which helps produce energy sources for cells associated with these particular areas of the brain!

What effects does smoking have on the body?

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Lungs Capacity

Smoking affects your lungs, causing shortness of breath, a daily cough and higher chance of getting lung diseases. This can have a major impact on workout performance.

Reduced Oxygen

It drastically reduces your body’s ability to take oxygen from the air. This has also has a negative impact on endurance training.


Smoking can lead to heart disease, stroke and narrowing of the blood vessels that feed the heart and brain that reduce oxygen supply and increase risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Body Health

From head-to-toe smoking damages organs such as lungs, mouth, throat and esophagus. This along with skin health with wrinkles happening prematurely in smokers compared to non-smokers. Also due to lack of oxygen in the body leading to cell damage.

This is followed by slower healing times for wounds than non-smokers due tissue damage from smoking’s toxic chemicals.


Last but not least it increases risks for certain types of cancer: lung cancer being on top followed by mouth cancer, throat cancer etc..

Can you smoke while taking creatine?

No, it is not recommended that you smoke while taking creatine. When smoke is inhaled, it can damage your lungs and hamper their ability for oxygen absorption. Which can in turn reduce the effectiveness of creatine that requires proper oxygen intake to work its best.

However not only it also reduces the beneficial effects of creatine but also can cause serious medical problems which can interfere with workout performance and muscle recovery. Therefore it is certainly not advisable to smoke while using creatine or smoking in general.

Potential risks associated with smoking while taking creatine

There is a possibility that taking creatine, can make it so that medications such as blood thinners no longer work like they are supposed to. It may also worsen kidney problems that some people already have.

Taking creatine might cause you to hold on to extra water in your body. If you smoke cigarettes, the nicotine already makes it more likely for your body to get dehydrated and if you take creatine too then the dehydration could be much worse than normal resulting in pains and cramps, feeling tired all of the time, and feeling dizzy.

Even though most of the time creatine is safe as long as you follow directions before considering taking it you should think about potential risks and problems which may come from using it.

Can I take creatine when I’m high on weed?

Taking creatine while high on weed can be a risky thing to do because it may cause side effects due to the combination of chemicals they both contain.

Creatine is used to increase physical performance and endurance, but when combined with the chemical THC from weed, it can create a more intense experience of mind ‘high’ and alter our senses. It can also cause feelings of dizziness, confusion and nausea.

Although there isn’t any scientific research suggesting that taking creatine when high on weed is unsafe for your body in the present moment, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the effects in any way it’s always best to just take things easy and practice self-care.

5 Tips to still keep the effects as if you were a non-smoker.

1. Follow the recommended dosage of creatine. It’s is proven that increasing the amount of creatine you ingest will NOT results in a better effects of creatine. Your body can only absorb a specific amount of ATP and store some in its reserves. Increasing the amount of creatine will only lead to common side effects such as diarrhea, stomach aches & dehydration. That doesn’t include the other side effects such as kidney damage, sickness, dizziness.

2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (Most important). Staying hydrate while you are smoking is a must. Since nicotine also increases the risk of dehydration so this will add up with the potential side effect of creatine which is also hydration.

3. Avoid taking other supplements or medications that could interact with creatine. If you do so make sure to speak with your doctor for medical advise.

4. Avoid smoking before or immediately after exercise. Smoking before or after working out will result in a decrease of lung function and capacity. This will make it more difficult to breathe during your workout.

5. Take small breaks during your workout. This will help you with catching your breath and also give your body time to recover from the strenuous activity.

Conclusion on can you smoke while taking creatine?

It is suggested that you do not smoke while taking creatine, because it can make the supplement not work as well. Additionally, smoking cigarettes could make you more likely to become dehydrated and experience other negative effects.

If you are a smoker and also take creatine pills or powders, be sure to take them correctly based on label instructions and drink plenty of water. You should also watch out for any other medicines or health supplements that might interact with your creatine in an unsafe way.

Finally, if during exercise your breathing becomes strained or too hard it is best to pause for a few seconds until feeling better again so your body has time to recuperate from the intensity of physical activity

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