Wide Rib Cage Female: How to Make it Smaller? (Easy Solutions)

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Do you think that your rib cage is wider than normal, and are you female? If so, having a wide rib cage as a female can make it tough to find clothes that fit how you want them and could even hurt your self-confidence. In this article I will explain ways females with wider ribs cages can make their chest look smaller, your broad shoulders less and more comfortable.

What is a wide rib cage and what are the causes of it?

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If you have a wide rib cage like your parents or grandparents, it could be because of genetics. But other things, such as gaining weight, being pregnant or broad shoulders, can also cause it to get wider.

Gaining excess weight can cause it to be distributed throughout your body, including the ribs, making them appear wider than they really are. Pregnancy too is known to flare out your chest due to the baby growing inside and pushing against them.

Having a big rib cage can make finding clothing that fits challenging, particularly if you are a smaller size. This can lead to feeling self-conscious about your body shape and how others perceive you.

The rib cage has a significant impact on many body shapes, especially the hourglass shape. For those with a wider type, attempting to achieve this particular figure is difficult but not impossible.

How to determine if you have a large rib cage?

To figure out if you have a wide rib cage, you can use two methods. First, measure the area around your ribs with a tape measure. If it is 33 inches or above then that shows that this area is wide.

Another way to check is to stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself side-on. If your shoulders look small compared to your ribs then this probably means it is large.

You can determine your body shape by examining your waist and hip widths in comparison to your bust. The five main shapes are pear, apple, hourglass, triangle and rectangle.

If you have a pear or apple shape, this means that your hips and bust will be narrower than your waist. Conversely, if you have an hourglass, triangle or rectangle shape then the width of both areas will be roughly equal.

Different types of body types

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Here are some of the most well known body types:

  • The hourglass shape: This body type is where the waist is narrower than the hips, full bust and you have wide shoulders.
  • The pear shape: This body shape is where the hip area is wider than the waist and bust. Woman with this body type often also have larger thighs and.
  • The apple shape: The apple shape is a body type where the waist is wider and you have narrow hips and wide shoulders. Woman with this body type often are overweight.
  • The triangle shape: This body type is where the hips are wider than the shoulders and you have a undefined waist.
  • The rectangle shape: It is straight shape with broad shoulders, and the waist and hips are approximately the same width. This body type is often not considered as a feminine shape.

Easy solutions to make your wide rib cage smaller

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There are a few easy solutions which can help to make your big rib cage appear smaller.

To make your waist seem smaller and your hips bigger, you should be dressing with something that fit snugly around your midsection but are loose and flowing near the hips. And make sure to not put on tapered jeans or skirts.

You can try out different belts to pull in the area right above your waist. Or wear skirts and dresses that hug at the top and flow out as they go lower. This way, it will look like you have a small upper body compared to the rest of you for a flattering silhouette.

Another way to get an hourglass figure, is to wear something with vertical stripes. These stripes help by making a more defined waist and have more curves.

You can do this by wearing tops, a dress or swimsuits or hide it with jackets. If you really want to get the desired shape, add ruffles and pleats which will make your ribcage area look smaller too!

Lastly, you can draw attention away from your large ribcage and make it appear smaller by putting on a V-neck or scoop neck tops. This will make it look like you have a short torso and a narrow shaped waist.

Additional tips to reduce your large rib cage

A few extra tips can assist you in shrinking your large rib cage besides the simple solutions mentioned previously.


Firstly, start by targeting your back and shoulder area with exercises like shoulder presses, lateral raises and pull-ups to get wider shoulders. Not only will this make your shoulders appear wider in comparison to your rib cage, but it may also help you lose stubborn belly fat. These exercises can provide a more toned appearance around your hips and a defined waist as a bonus. Which will make it look more thin and flatter.

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Lose weight

In order to lose weight and stay healthy, you need to do 30 minutes of exercise every day. Also make sure that your diet includes lots of fruits and vegetables. As well as lean proteins such as fish or chicken and a few sources of healthy fats like avocado, nuts or olive oil.

It is especially important to focus on fat burning in order to get more slim. You can do this especially well if you have long legs. Since legs are the most active muscles in your body which require the most energy. This will help make you create a small waist, by making your stomach flatter and middle thinner.

Sports bra

You can also try sports bras. It can help reduce the appearance of your large ribcage, provide support, create a more streamlined look, relieve back pain and improve posture.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy might also be a good idea to help your body feel better and reduce the tension on your ribs. It can help by loosening up tight muscles around your rib cage. Letting go of extra stress that causes them to stick out, and increasing blood flow so healing is faster.

Wearing a faja

Finally, you can try a faja by making your waist smaller. This will help to cinch in your waist and make your rib cage also appear smaller. Although this can take a very long time to see any results and almost every doctor don’t recommend this option.

This is because the rib cage is a very important for your organs and a corset can compress your organs and cause huge health problems. It might not even be worth a try this is simply because bones cannot be changed.

How a faja makes your rib cage smaller

female wearing a corset to make wide rib cage smaller

If you opt to reduce your rib cage size, it is essential that you know the various types of fajas available. Selecting a faja that is comfortable and not too tight is imperative for achieving desired results. For example you can have a custom-made faja created or buy one from a local costume shop. Either way, be sure that it fits correctly and does not cause compression of organs.

If you feel any pain or discomfort while wearing your faja, it is essential that you take it off immediately. Having a faja on for long periods of time can cause serious health issues, so limit your use to just a few hours at a time.

If you are new to them, start by only putting on the garment for one or two hours and then gradually increase the amount of time as needed; however, never sleep in them.

Benefits of having a narrower rib cage

There are many benefits of having a small rib cage as a women. This can make your body shape look like a triangle or hourglass shape. Which are considered very attractive among the body shapes of a female.

More confidence

For woman with a smaller rib cage, it is easier for dressing because everything fits their body. This makes them feel confident and it is much easier than for those with a wider rib cage.

Dresses, in particular, can be hard to find for these women since they fear that the shape of their body will be laughed at or viewed as unattractive. The frustration associated with not being able to find flattering clothing can be very disheartening.

female with small rib cage wearing a tight dress

Having a smaller rib cage as a female can give you more confidence to show off your body and it will be easier for you to find clothes that fit you well and look good on you. You will also be able to wear swimsuits and bikinis with confidence.

Easier to exercise

As a female with a smaller rib cage, you can find it much easier to participate in different types of exercise. For example, yoga and Pilates may be challenging if it is large as it could get in the way of stretching your body effectively. However, with a small one those activities are made simpler.

Better posture

Women with small rib cages can benefit from improved posture. Sitting up straight and avoiding back pain is easier when it isn’t large. It allows for more comfortable sitting that lessens the chances of back strain. Having a smaller chest facilitates good posture, helping to avoid future back issues.

Looking slimmer

Last but not the least having a small rib cage as a female can create the illusion of having a smaller waist, resulting in an overall slimmer appearance.

This is because a wide ribcage often make waists appear wider, giving off the impression of looking heavier. Therefore, opting for a smaller ribcage will help to achieve this desired look.

Conclusion on wide rib cage females

As a female, there are many ways to make your rib cage appear smaller. It is essential to remember that everyone is different, and what may be effective for one person might not be as successful for someone else. Experiment with various solutions and determine which ones work best for you.

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